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Your organization depends on good communicators for accessible, understandable business/technical information. Good communication helps your organization run efficiently and economically. It increases customer loyalty—and makes certain that users have documents that they can understand and use–in compliance with Federal law.

Your staff gets more from our training than just a great writing class. Committed to your success, we work closely with every participant to produce lasting results. Here’s how we do it:

Two days of classwork and one day of online instruction for up to 10 professionals. Examples are work related.

Grammar/Sentence Structure/Punctuation.  Assumptions are that while participants are able to write workplace correspondence and reports, they might feel uncertain about correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation. This course will empower management and staff with the skills to edit their own writing to feel confident in their finished writing projects.

Editing software tool, which your staff can use after the course is over.

Personal coaching after class. Each participant meets with our instructor to discuss his or her own writing,    which the instructor edits in advance. This one-on-one coaching reinforces the classwork and treats individual needs and interests. For six months after a class, participants may send us their writing for our advice.

Your writing seminar and coaching focuses on reaching the following goals:
Content geared for a specific audience and purpose
Organization that gets to the point
Wording that’s clear and concise
Writing that reflects the highest standards of English style and grammar (with additional focus on challenges of English as a Second Language speakers)

Could your business  or agency benefit from more professional-looking documents? Are your reports free of embarassing grammar errors.

 We offer

  • Editing software

  • Online courses

  • Workshops

Please call us, and we’ll show you how we do it.

Connie Balcher Inukai,President
Triple Crown Communications, LLC